Why I'm running.....

Iím running for the school board because I believe in public education, the education of all our children is my number one priority. I believe we should be fiscally responsible, spending our tax dollars on the programs, technology and the resources necessary in our classrooms for student success. We should be providing more opportunities to students to help them prepare for their futures when they leave our high schools. We should be doing more to support our teachers. You know what used to attract teachers coming to our county? Class size. It does matter, not just because it's actually difficult to navigate around a room full of 4th or 5th graders, but because we increasingly expect more of our teachers. Teachers are evaluated by their ability to show student growth, so they must provide differentiated and individualized learning. They are tasked to challenge the high achievers, to bring struggling students up to grade level, and letís not forget those children who sit in the middle of the spectrum. I believe that our educators are the most valuable component in our school system and if we want high achieving students and the topped ranked school system, then we need to treat them as such.
I am invested in our school systemís success, not just for my property values, but because my children attend our schools. I have the time to commit, the passion to serve, and the right amount of enthusiasm to be on our school board as an advocate for our children.


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