Eileen McGann, retired Fayette County teacher
I am a recently retired Fayette County teacher and have had the pleasure of knowing Melissa Lohr as a parent, volunteer, and PTO president at both Tyrone Elementary and Crabapple Lane Elementary. Melissa’s qualities of dedication, perseverance, and excellent communication skills have always made her a great leader. As the PTO president during the year TES closed, Melissa attended school board meetings regularly and kept the parents and staff at our school well informed. Her dedication and leadership were evident in her ability to rally everyone together as we bid goodbye to our beloved school in many heartfelt and meaningful ways. When Crabapple Lane welcomed many Tyrone students and staff, Melissa was onboard with continued support, hard work and community building during that transition year. She then served as president-elect and president of the Crabapple Lane PTO. Melissa is supportive of both our students and staff as evident in my years of experience at two different schools with her. She has the knowledge, drive, and enthusiasm to successfully represent us on the school board.

Janet Strickland, Ph.D.
As a resident of Fayette County, former classroom teacher, mom of a 6th grader at BMMS, and a teacher educator, I enthusiastically support Melissa Lohr for school board. I can think of few individuals who have worked harder to support our local schools. I can trust that her motives for serving in this capacity include a genuine commitment to our public schools and our public school children. I am confident that the commitment that she has shown to her daughters' schools will continue on the school board. Who better to make decisions about the future of our students than a mom of two of them? Support your local school! Support your local teachers! Support Melissa Lohr.

Daphne Jongejans Bousquet
I met Melissa Lohr when our daughters were in kindergarten together, 7 years ago. Since then, I have come to know Melissa as an enthusiastic room mom, a tireless volunteer, a passionate PTO president and a caring Girl Scout troop leader. In addition I have depended on Melissa to keep me informed of the Board of Education’s goings on through her live blogging of their meetings since 2012. I cannot think of anyone I would trust more with the education of our children. She will make decisions based upon what is the best for the education of our kids and I urge you to vote Melissa Lohr for Board of Education

Michelle Miller Stevens
Melissa Accardo Lohr is running for school board. District 1. Vote for her if you want a parent who's involved and truly cares about our kids and keeping the schools moving in the right direction.

Kimberly Jones
In addition, Melissa is also a devoted Girl Scout Leader as well. She always has creative ideas which show through the hands on activities that she has the girls engaged in making. So yes, I agree in knowing that Melissa will represent us very well on the school board, too.

Lynda Owens
Only Melissa could make me vote Democrat! She is a great advocate for our children!

Richard Overholt

Because some of my local friends may not be aware...I'm sharing this.

Melissa Lohr is running for school board. She is running against Barry Marchman. Mr. Marchman is a good man and deserves credit for devoting his time to help our community. However, Mr. Marchman homeschools his kids and is a voice for "let's do education cheaper" (voting to close schools, voting to reduce the amount of taxes used to fund schools, etc.).
Just an aside, I'm all for lowering our taxes, but I firmly believe that we are better helped through improved education systems which raise our property values...and educate our loved ones.

I want someone who knows our schools. Someone who's been engaged inside the schools. Melissa is creative, passionate, and thoroughly engaged. She was PTO president at both Tyrone Elementary and this past year at Crabapple Lane Elementary.
Melissa has my full support. I hope she has yours too.

Chris Lee

I had the pleasure of working with Melissa Lohr for the past several years and cannot recommend her enough for the school board. I believe she would be an excellent advocate for our children. Melissa's energy and awareness of important education issues affecting our children, as well as her high-energy spirit and vast knowledge and experience, make her the best possible candidate I could think of for the position. Please consider electing Melissa – you can't go wrong and I believe she is the best candidate by far.

Jill Backerman Finnerty

Hello all! I wanted to say a few things about Melissa and why you should consider voting for her.
I really wish I lived in Melissa's district so I could cast a vote her way. I am a registered republican, but I have watched over the past years that School Board is really not about party lines...it is more about who will do what is best with our tax money, who will do what is best for our teachers/staff and most importantly who will base those decisions on what is best for our kids.
I am so sad to say that the republican in her district (who is running again), does not have his own children attending schools in our system, does not volunteer in our schools, does not put the well-being of our staff into consideration when making decisions. I have known Melissa for many years and when we were both PTO Presidents (at different schools), Melissa and I would share ideas on how to make our schools better. She is the most excited and dedicated volunteer that I have ever come across. 
Melissa has been a volunteer at her children's schools, she attends school board meetings and she posts (very neutral reporting by the way) updates about the meetings and important info from around the county. She knows first-hand what is going on within the walls of our schools-something that I feel very few school board members have even made the effort to do. Melissa is dedicated to making all Fayette County schools great and such a wonderful candidate for school board. This position really isn't about party lines- it is about which person will fight for our schools and get the job done! Please consider voting for Melissa if you live in her district.

Chris Clark

Education isn't about partisan politics. It's about doing what's right for our kids and engaging in our schools. Melissa was a great PTO and school council chair. She has volunteered and given her time over and over. She'll be focused on our teachers and students not on politics. That's why we need to support her for BOE.


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